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1. What would you recommend in terms of protection for the camera body.
- camera bodies dont really break that easy, they just get dirty and paint finds it's way everywhere, sand is also nasty nasty stuff. I run around with one of these Hydrophobia 70-200 Rain Cover - Think Tank, do you absolutely need one? No. Does it keep your camera equipment cleaner? Yes.

2. Which lens would you recommend (of those three), or if one of those won't work what lens would you recommend purchasing (cheaper is better)
-Cheaper isn't better. If you want to do it for ****s and giggles then get whatever is in your budgets high end. If you want to be serious about it and get a lens that you'll love through life get the nikkor 70-200 2.8 with VR. 70-200 is THE paintball lens for most pb photogs, everyone I know has one. For low light situations youre going to want the largest aperture lens possible, 70-200 2.8 does the job.

The nifty fifty is a great lens and you will get one eventually if you continnue photographing, but would I use it for paintball? Nope. Kit lens is....well, I gave mine away for free. I started using a 1.4 extender on my 70-200 to get extra reach, 50 just wont do or you limit yourself a whole lot.

3. What size memory card would you recommend if I was going to spend an entire day taking pictures (shooting in RAW)
-Get a couple of cards, just in case. Lets say youre shooting out all weekend in blistering heat, rain, muck and getting shot to pieces. Event is finally over and when you come home you plug in your memory card reader to your computer and get corrupted card message, it's a heartbreaker for anyone but if you shot on multiple cards you just lose some of the images, not all of them. I know it's unlikely to happen but I like to play it safe. Also goes with losing memorycards.

4. Tips/tricks/suggestions/warnings as well as do's and don'ts
-Shoot lots. Carry your camera with you all the time. Get familiar with your camera, never use auto mode. Save up for the 70-200. Shoot lots.

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