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Got out for my second day of play...went a little better with summer paint. With the bow still around 65 lbs, I was getting 260 at the start of the day, so definitely do-able. Forgot to chrono at the end to see how much swelled paint helped (it hit 27 C instead of only 22-24).

Fun thing is always that one epic shot you land with it: I had 3 of the other team closing on me (long story short: when you let renter captains pick teams, watch out for the one who picks her girlfriends while the other picks everyone who has their own equipment....except friend girl wanted the "archery guy").

Anyways, knew one guy was going to try to come out beside me in this town to I drew and went to cross the street and my buddy with his Ego 10 came out the other side and started moving diagonally we were parallel and saw each other at the same time: I released, he fired 3 hit my release hand between thumb and forefinger, one hit my shoulder....and my shot gogged him. So epic.

That being said, I wish I could trust people enough to bring my pump down at the same time...I have yet to rig my bow case to take the Airow-gun as well but in any case I have to disassemble to put away....and I don't want to leave either my pumps or the bow down in a safe area.
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