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Neftaly, imho this is no so much serious “race” and the most essential variable are here the balls.

You can get little different results when you will make several tests in the same moment, with the same marker, with the “same” paint (especially when you set the velocity high to have less, high power shoots).

In this weekend I have found that with sorting bigger/smaller paint (the initial reason of the test was to find how is the marker self consistant without effect of the crap paint with assorted good/bad paint) from one bag I can get +4% KE difference in 20 shot stings with tunned Sterling on CA.

Generally the whole credibility of the here given results / values comes only from individual reputation of the specific MCB members. There are many ways how get better results, which are similar to “cheating” even when you do not lying and have controlled other conditions (temperature):

- you can heat the powerlet in hand before / during shooting (some markers / q-changers allow that) and you will perhaps get some more percents .

- you can use so tight paint to bore match which will lead you to guaranteed sealing even with the inperfect paint, but with more paint breaks than are acceptable for marker which should be really usable.

- you can use parts which are better for efficiency / by which you can obtain better efficiency easier, but which having limited lifetime – in nelsons powertubes with thicker walls and little bigger ID, in all conventional markers cup seals with smaller OD, you can use aluminium alloy instead steel for hammer to get smaller weight with the actual shape.

But bassically I see the main purpose of this thread now:
- to find where is roughly the max. efficiency which can be achieved (momentally it looks be somewhere above 470 J/12g)
- to compare how good is your own marker opposite others

For both we do not need having “scientific” accuracy.
The marker itself plays still the biggest role and the second is the paint. Other factors looks be nearly negligible to them, in their common deviations.
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