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Originally Posted by blitz121 View Post
The one I am looking at already has a morton building in the back. I am really interested but trying to get pre-approval is just having a hayday with me. I plan on staying in the area for quite a while.

Thanks for the insight though guys I appreciate it and keep it coming!

Rent around here is 300-500 dollars most house payments are about 300-600 so about the same ballpark.
Man that's cheap living there.... But can pretty much double the cost of owning a house on top of a mortgage payment. Newer homes or older in that price range? Newer homes tend to be cheaper to live in, older homes tend to need more things addressed.

Can you get a renter or 2 in the house to share the bills with? Regardless if you are renting or owning the house. What is the vacancy rate in your area for rentals?

And as said above, unless you are intending to stay in the area for a min of 5 years, rent. Your early in your career, don't tie yourself down from taking other jobs or switch careers. Greener fields generally await.
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we're talking about camping, not being homeless
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