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Consistancy testing results from BTT member

For over a year now, we have been testing internally with different barrel combinations and optimization of the valve trains. A BTT member has been doing some testing of his own up in the Canadian winter. I guess he has an indoor range where he tests many many guns and combinations. This is the type of guy that we found very valuable because if the gun was sold, this guy probably purchased/played/worked with it. He is very technical in his testing. I am accepting of the fact that many of you will find these numbers to be "untrue" especially from a manufacturer... in an industry that is plagued by lack of ethics. So that being said here are the numbers that he came up with.


Still getting the information from him regarding specifications to the test. IE make and model of Chrono, however these numbers don't really surprise us as it mimics our results internally. The gun setup was SAR12 with HH20 barrel, Jigabo barrel lubricant and shooting FS rounds. The bolt action has a 1/8 npt on the back for optional mounting of a micro gauge. He mounted a digital gauge in this position. Operating pressure was substantially lower than 300, due to a revision (production level) to the cup seal design and mass. The marker had been cycled about 1000 times to properly seat the regulator orings, lubricant, and stress cycle the springs.

Thanks for your time
David Williams
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