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Originally Posted by boo View Post
if they come out with a magfed version id pick one up in a second.

How is it one handed? You think you'll run a remote line with it or is it pretty balanced with the tank?
One handed is fine, nice and light. At first I put my 68ci tank on there and it was horrible - too long and too heavy + off balance.

As many of you know, a heavier weapon that is well balanced will actually 'feel' lighter than a off balance but lighter gun.

So I went with a small 35ci tank, and now the Center of Gravity is at the rear of the hand-grip... not perfectly centered on grip, but damn close.

One handed operation is all about a good Center of Gravity on the weapon.

I don't like remotes, tried them years ago, not my style.

And I also really really wanted a Mag feed as well, but the only real option (Milsim Electro) was the DAM, and for $1000 bucks more, I can live without the magfeed... Add to that the DAM was HEAVY compared to the TM7. [That and local store owner tells me they are getting lots of DAM issues/problems from customers...]

. I've heard they have upgraded noids in them now but after that and another CS issue with KEE/Empire I've been soured on their brands.
I remember wanting to get this as my very first marker, but went against it because I was told of their reliability issues.
I stay away from any First Gen run of anything (PB guns, vehicles, phones, TV's, you name it) until they 'figure out the kinks'.

I have had no problems so far, and have heard that the first gen issues are resolved. They definitely updated the board/programming as well, because I read on first gen's in 3 round burst, you could hold the trigger for a while, release and re-pull and you would still get the burst... On newer models you cant.
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