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One last thing to mention, LOL, like I haven't said enough yet:

I went to Supergame with two goals of things to purchase there. One was some FogDoc stuff. You can see Blackrain's review. I am sure that mine will be right there with his assessment.

The other was a new squeegee that seems to have popped up in the last four or so months. I have only seen the Exalt version, I guess called the Barrel Maid? For some reason, I had thought that it was called the Rocket Swab. No matter the name, it's pretty cool.

Here is where I am at, I carry a stick squeegee. I like that it cleans out the barrel, but when it comes to putting it in a convenient place, there isn't one. They are long. Generally 14" long. But they clean out a barrel better than the swab alternative. Those being the plastic deals that bend in the middle, and have fuzzy swabs on either side. They are great in that they are convenient, but they don't do as good of a job at cleaning. Afterall, they do push shell and chunks down the barrel, and don't pull them out.

So now, there is the middle ground. I picked up the Planet Eclipse branded item, but it does not show much, if any, difference between it and the Exalt branded item. It still bends in the middle, much like a swab, and even has a swab on one end. The other end has the rocket disc. It's basically a circle of rubber, but isn't a thick disk. More like a pair of cones that have their widest part meeting together. The part that goes down the stick actually has four fins, hence the rocket part.

The idea is that when you use this, you stick the rocket disc down first. As it goes down the barrel, it elongates and gets smaller in diameter. Makes it easy to get past the gunk. Once you stop, it kind of returns to it's original shape, a bit smaller than the diameter of a barrel. It's when you start to pull it back out, that it collapses a bit, and flattens out to make it a tight fit in the barrel. That way, it squeegees the barrel clean of debris and gunk. Then you flip it around, and use the swab to polish the barrel.

So does it work? Yes. I had a few breaks with a couple of pumps that I shot that day. I had to clean them out, and I love it. It was simple, easy, and could collapse down into a small pocket for the swabs very easily for getting it out of the way. It cleaned every barrel with ease, and polished them just as easily. Now as I said, I bought the Planet Eclipse branded item, compared to the Exalt. One thing about the Exalt one, and I would guess the same is true for the PE one, as they look identical, is that parts of it are replaceable. Your rocket disc wears out? Don't chuck the whole thing, you can buy a new disc to replace the old one. The flexible middle part tears? You can buy a replacement. So you don't have to keep shelling out money to replace the whole thing, just a piece at a time.

Just to compare it to what I use, I have normal stick squeegee's that I have an adapter to attach them to a lanyard. I bought it quite a while back, and don't remember who makes/made it, or what it is called. Basically, it has a barrel that has two grub screws that go into it. You take the fabric out of the stick squeegee, insert that end into the barrel, and tighten down the screws. There is also an opening on the other end where you would attach the other part. Kind of a round ball on a stick kind of idea, slightly bigger in diameter than the opening of the barrel. This part can attach easily enough to a lanyard. In essence, and in practice, the idea is that you have your lanyard around your neck, with the squeegee attached. Often, people place it down the back, and tucked into their pod pack. When you need it, you can grab around, pull it off of the attachment, and use your squeegee normally, without having it attached to a lanyard limiting your own movement. After done, you snap it back onto the stick and ball attachment point. In practice, this works great until you go to put it back on. Then you have to line up the stick and ball attachment, and push it in. Not really easy to do one handed. Maybe with more use, the ball and barrel opening each wear down a bit, making it easier to push them back together. But I don't normally break that much paint, so it is still difficult to do one handed.

The Barrel Maid (And whatever Planet Eclipse calls theirs) is great, as it fulfills the role of portable, and gives a good clean when you need it. Not just pushing gunk down the barrel for the next shot or two.

Would I buy another one: Yes, yes I would.
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