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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
I had a Spyder pump once. It was called a 'Hammer'.

I hate it when people say this. I've run into people on the forums that think the parts are interchangeable. Yes Spyders and Hammers are both made by Kingman but they are nothing alike. Spyders are based off the Sheriden designe wile Hammers are a Nelson. Apples and oranges.

I was planning on doing the JB weld mod to the valve pin, but I found a valve on eBay that someone had removed from a type-r. I have no idea what that is but the dimensions are identical to the Spyder valve. The only difference was the cup seal side had a much larger opening. As a bonus this allowed me to use a very light main spring giving me a very light pump stroke. I did have to change the valve o-rings to the normal type found on spyder valves. If you do this build I'd deffinetly recommend trying to get one of these valves.
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