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I'll double check but, they have allowed me to use them over the past couple years. I started using them there before they went to field paint only and, since, I've been paying via a fee- this is during and after they abandonded the fee structure for regular paint.

I haven't been there this year yet so I will check.

EDIT: To add: I'm the individual who introduced and demo'ed (when asked) First Strike Rounds to Skyline, Hogback, OA (bowie), Robinhood Paintball, Pev's (at AG, and at Aldie), and Warplay.

Skyline allowed them after a demo
Warplay allowed them after a demo (and were impressed)
Hogback was impressed but, they went to FPO and said no To FS (this is after the manager had me shoot him in the back at 20ft, and he thought the hit was light)
OA allowed them but, closed shop
Robinhood allowed them
Pev's at AG allowed them after a demo but, they closed shop.
Pev's at Aldie declined (FPO reasons)
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Originally Posted by Tom Kaye -in response to FS price critics
Unfortunately all of you have played the one "speedball" game of paintball for so long you can't conceive of other ways to do this and hence any new ideas seem stupid.

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First strike rounds punish lazy people. Don't be lazy and you won't have problems with first strikes.

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