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Originally Posted by Cunha View Post
This gun is certainly pre 2k. Velocity adjustment cap, Blazer sticker, harer edges. Theres no question. This gun shouldnt sell..that green custom annoed brand new 2k plus serial number blazer just went for so cheap.
You never know. The camo 1K BZ (Spartan's) went for $400 so I would have to put the value a little lower in my opinion. I would assume if this was a 2K BZ, it would go for around $450.

I would also say the green custom annoed brand new 2k (which I purchased) was a steal. New it is $882. I would not say that the purchase set the market. A seller w/o feedback probally hurt the sale a little.

I do think he is high on the BZ. $300 seems more like it. The Left feed BZ with cut off trigger guard & red (non-matching) reg went for a little over $200.

I guess we will find out!
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