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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
Ok that's it... I have GOT to go to one of these. Thanks for the writeup.
Yes I must shoot you. You will be in the car with Dereck,Tim and Glenn. I already have vacation schedualed in Aug for this event. I might be running solo. Don't know yet.

Originally Posted by stupiddogg View Post
what a great write up, thanks for doing it. For next time if needed we had a great rom and service at the woodburn Best western ( cost a bit more ) for 4 days was under 250 if I remember correctly.

It was my first time and i loved it. Got to make some new friends, connect with old friends and just really enjoyed being back at an event. I will be planning on this event yearly. I cant say enough how much i appreciated all the kind words to me and for my wife, after the accident I cant say it hasnt been tough, but with support and encouragement like we have received it gives hope and makes us proud. Shoot we are even considering moving to OR in the next few years, it was so beautiful

Again thank you all, and if we can ever help anyone dont be afraid to ask

What can I say. It was a great event. The vendor's area was much bigger than normal. That makes it an even better event. Fog Doc and Paintball Tek made their presence know
This is becoming a major event. I've been to a few and each yr it gets bigger and better. I loved the heat. That was the perfect temp to play in. Hope it's just as hot in Aug. Last yr this time it was cold.
Either way it's great. I stayed at La Quinta. About the same as Fog Doc paid. If you are traveling with your Wife, perfect spot for them either La Quinta or the Best Western. Discount stores are just down the road or in walking distance.

We need to organize for Aug so we can meet in the hotel lounge or at a restraunt.

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