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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Either way I bet Trinity wont sell me his 20HH, it's just too sexy. That being said I would love for both of you to test these barrels in both humid and arid conditions. Being a D-Day fan and player, I will say humidity is not a long barrels friend. That being said, my expierence is with paintballs and not FSR. I am so looking forward to reading about the event results and it's still not ou of the question that Zack and I will make it. I laid it out like this, "Son, your graduating from high school in three weeks it may be our last time to D-Day it before boot camp...... "

He said "Boot Camp????"

Seriously, we might be a Thursday night drive just to field the SR-1 and the iSniper project. I really want to get this on the field of battle!
The barrel is already sold. DJMatt bought it at Supergame this last weekend.
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