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eNMEy vs. Proto Rail

I realize this is a crazy comparison, but at this point I am planning on buying one of the two - The eNMEy or Rail.

I can go the low-budget route and get the eNEMY and have money to play or upgrade.

Or I can spend more now for what some might say is 'more' gun and have less cash in my pocket.

They both seem to be reliable and relatively low-maintenance markers. They are also at the low-end of the mech and electro specturms, but also seem to be among the best at the low-end.

It would seem that the Rail's main advantage would be RoF, which at this point I am not sure if I'll need, being a relative n00b (though I started playing with a Splatmaster and PGP back in the '80's). The problem is that I don't know where paintball will take me this time around. If I knew I was going to play speedball/x-ball, I'd go with the Rail. I don't want to buy the eNMEy then decide I want to upgrade a few months later when cash is tight, but I also don't want to buy more gun then I need (maintenance looks a little trickier on the Rail & batteries are required).

I already have an Empire Vidar mask, Pinokio, and 68/4500 tank (coming soon), so those aren't considerations at this point.

Any advice is greatly appreciated since I've have the cash burning a hole in my pocket and can't decide what to do with it!
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