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Originally Posted by boltaction View Post
Well... the coolest part about the book (If im remembering it correctly) Is that you did'nt quite realize that the final training simulation was actually a real life battle until nearly the end. So depending on how the the plot is set up in the movie, It could just be a movie about some smart kid who wins a battle against some aliens.

Also why am i seeing current gen fighter aircraft in this trailer? Its supposed to be year 21XX is'nt it?
It could be video of the first bugger war. I don't recall if the book actually said when it was. The second was in space and Mazer was in that one. He was supposed to be at near light speed for many years to keep him alive to train ender. It might be that the first bugger war was well over a hundred years earlier than the 3rd.

I have been looking forward to this for months! I'll be seeing it now matter how the critics and fans like it. I don't care, its still entertainment!
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