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Totally understand that. The last time I played I was working on so many of the other guys guns I didnt get mine gassed up untill it was almost time to hit the field. When I did gas up my releatively new unplayed with gorgeous pumpmag, it leaked, and as I sat down to fix it everyone whined that they had waited too long and wanted to play now. I fumed. Put the gun back in its case and pulled out a Ranger to chrono (also a new toy I was looking forward to)

They all want you to spend time tuning the trigger on their new electronic gun, or helping them chrono their gun but you cant spend anytime before the game working on your own gear. Then They kept putting their stuff ontop of my gear. I had set my guns aside each in a case stacked neatly along the side of a little shed where we stage games. They can't seem to find a better place for their stuff than on top of mine.

Worst part is how they have to pick everything up. It wouldnt bother me if they were just careful and curious, but I lost a screw out of my ranger before we even started playing and I don't have a clue where it fell. On the positive side a lot of our regulars have started playing pump. Seeing the older guys choose their pumps over high speed semis has made play pump "cool" again on our fields. I guess we all start somewhere eh?
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