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Whats uppppppppp?! -BIG UPDATE - BIG NEWS - CHANGES-

Back from Supergame

Double Barrel Ion was a huge success

Booth was crazy busy all weekend!

Made a few trades, got rid of a bunch of extra gear too

Back to work.....

-I have 10 barrel to freak bore from SG
-I have 3 customer barrels received too
-I have a couple customer orders I need to wrap up too

I was bs'in with Tim from pbtek....
He needs a part done up, CNC Lathe is still setup for threading.... soooo Im gonna get a few knocked out!

I will be trying to balance 5-10 production runs of parts in the next month, on top of freak boring

Here is the good news.....

BUT... Freak Boring ONLY! (sorry between everythin thats goin on thats all the time i have)

Here is the plan.....
I will be accepting FREAK BORING ONLY from now until MAY 31st.
I will be working NOW until June 6th.

My long time girlfriend will finally be moving up to Oregon and moving in with me, I am helping her drive up from texas!

After the 17th I will be taking freak boring only.... and it will stay that way until she gets settled and everything mellows out.

Soo summary...
-Taking work now until the end of the month. FREAK BORING ONLY.
-Anything i get june 1st or later... no ETA on it
-wrapping up the work load the first week of june
-closed/out of town june 7-17th
-girlfriend is moving up
-taking work june 18 FREAK BORING ONLY

oh and the best part....

Metadyne Havoc Launcher
SSC Aurora Mech Ion
Halfblock, Ego Neck Pump
Timmy, Tricked out Ions, Loaner Ion
SSC Phantom Internals, Cocker Valve Tools, and other goodies IN STOCK!

And some videos......

Saturday is my birthday.
I am going to dig a big hole in my bed and hide for 12-24 hours....
after 1 day of sleep/relaxation/etc i'll be back and ready to rock and roll


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