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The 'IT Support' guy put this up at pbn, so I am copying it over here:

h'ok guys

As Josh has offered it up...

J4 Paintball Technical Support

I know it isn't much - I am by no means a graphics person, so apologies if it looks naff (I am over critical of myself).

It is a support website for the marker, when released. It has a ticketing system, knowledge base and forums for the marker. You can submit tickets via email (checks every 10mins then creates the tickets in a batch) or via the website (creates it straight away).

The forums and knowledge base doesn't have much content yet (only the basics that has been in this thread).

Josh is taking customer support very seriously and whilst the ticket system shouldn't be used as a live system yet, you can submit tickets. Only Josh and I have accounts and any sales inquiries at this stage should still go to the contacts on J4 Paintball - Home .
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