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Originally Posted by Treponema View Post

May I have some info's on that one

like for example which originating body it is ...

no leaks no known issues ... (don't take it personnally .... I know your work as I already bought the caged wildberry which is my flashiest markers until now .... it's just for the form because I had a small surprise with an endangered customs FBM ... so I'm a bit cautious now on "supposedly" known caracteristics )

and of course do you still ship them to Europe ?

Thank you

i'll gas it up and chrono it before it ships
i dont sell anything broken/leaking unless i absolutely can not fix it, and i'll tell you if it did

no leaks
it was a 2000 vert feed
yes i'll ship to europe, but it is much more expensive (USPS raised the rates a month or two ago)

i chrono'd this a month or two ago, and took it to the local pb shop, they wanted a pump they could sell, well between this and the the other i brought, the other sold and this thing sat.... and its sat ever since

so last time i gassed it up, i chrono'd and she was all good, but i'll gladly do it again for ya
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