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Course a helmet cam is only PART of the setup you need. To really capture paintball, you ALL need to build ZoomCams for your gun! I can help you do them, and they are really easy to build, and make a WORLD of difference for the viewers at home as they can SEE what you are shooting at!

Here is an example, this is from paintball junkeez recently. I played one game with my MonsterSpin system, and only the helmet cam, and you can only see ONE of the guys I shoot on video (I shot out at least 4 in the footage I showed). But, you can't see them as they are so far away, and action cams have no zoom.

So get one of the new small camcorders with a bunch of optical zoom, and build yourself a ZoomCam. If all of us who film paintball did this, the quality of our videos would go way up as the viewers at home could actually see what is going on. I can show kills at 300 feet away... And no other system can do that.

Here is how I built mine.
Watch ZoomCam, How to build your own! Trails of Doom Innovation, so Viewers can SEE the hits! | Trails Of Doom Episodes | Learning Videos | Blip

And you can make it fit just about any barrel. Here is my latest mount, on my MonsterSpin, which is a TINY barrel, only about 4 inches to mount it on. And the video quality filming at 15x optical zoom, actually shows who I am shooting at.

Here is what you can capture, as you can see, it is much better than just an action cam, as you can see who I am shooting at, and some of these guys were well over 100 feet away from me.

link for mobile.
Headshot Paintball Junkeez 4.27.2013 by Trails of Doom FPS ZoomCam footage - YouTube

If you are serious about filming your stuff, you need a ZoomCam.
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