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Originally Posted by GoatBoy View Post
Let's be honest -- most people who default to "hunter" do so because they simply cannot handle direct engagements. Most of the time, it's a physical fitness issue.
Try measuring a distance (lets say 30 feet). now try walking, running, crawling, and prone-crawling that distance. It takes more effort to crouch-walk, and even more effort to prone-crawl than it would to walk or even run that same distance.

I would argue the other way around, that one needs be more fit than average to truly move in this style.

Nevertheless, step 1 for successful hunting is to pick a team good enough to tolerate you hanging them out to dry for possibly a large portion of the game.

But if you could do that, then why not just join your team in the direct engagement and outright stomp the other team?
Why not stomp them directly... because there's little 'mental chess' in the blunt approach... nor do I carry enough ammo to take the direct spray+pray approach. If i'm in a long firefight, I'll run out of ammo before the other guy, hence I rely upon strategy to give me the upper hand.

Return to point 1: a hunter is born.
True that. But they can still be helped along their way.
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