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Originally Posted by -=ArchAngel=- View Post
The problem imo is mindset. There are a lot of ppl who love it, but also realize that there is a time and place for such a style, and that there are other times where they have to take the fight head on. Not to be a brown nose, but imho Russ is a good example of such. I've heard (not seen) of him pulling off some pretty legendary ninja moves. And other times, i've seen him head on gun fight his way up a large hill through a series of bunkers. There are various others that have done the same. There are a handful of others who i can think of who are good "hunters", but are also good straight up gun fighters.
That is *exactly* what I am talking about. Watching Russ's videos, he seems to be both. A good hunter must:

1. Have good enough basic physical fitness so he's not locked into being a hunter and be a good player otherwise
2. Know when it's appropriate in the first place

No excuses: you must be adaptable or you are a liability.

Originally Posted by Venarius View Post
Try measuring a distance (lets say 30 feet). now try walking, running, crawling, and prone-crawling that distance. It takes more effort to crouch-walk, and even more effort to prone-crawl than it would to walk or even run that same distance.

I would argue the other way around, that one needs be more fit than average to truly move in this style.
All-out running is meant for speed so it burns your legs and total cardio more. This should by definition tire you out faster than anything else.

Crawling and crouch walking are more for stealth usually and not speed (particularly in this context), and will exercise your core muscles if you're observing proper form. So if those tire you out faster than an all out run, you have a significant weakness in your core.

It's so strange that core muscles are so rarely mentioned in this sport. They are vital to a lot of critical functions.

Originally Posted by Venarius View Post
Why not stomp them directly... because there's little 'mental chess' in the blunt approach... nor do I carry enough ammo to take the direct spray+pray approach. If i'm in a long firefight, I'll run out of ammo before the other guy, hence I rely upon strategy to give me the upper hand.
That's why I say hunters tend to hunt because they like hunting, not because it produces a win. If you can stomp them directly, stomp them directly. Forget the 'mental chess' and get the job done.

And a direct firefight does not necessarily imply spray and pray. If that's what direct firefighting means to you... that's an error. You control the amount of ammo you expend, not your opponent (unless he's wiping). Uh oh, does that fall under the category of 'mental chess'?
He posts videos of himself on Youtube never leaving the furthest back bunker.
Even when playing against rental noobs, he is immobilized.
Logic and reason are anathema to him; but this does not deter him from prattling on.
He is the most interesting player in the world.
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