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p8ntballr68059's random stuff sale (Grillz inside)

Offer the price if it is even close to my bottom dollar I'll take it

pretty simple here guys.. items are obo but be smart about it.
post then pm please
you ship first unless your feedback doubles mine

on with the items

Grillz gone

next is a proto strap i think it is probably from an axis not pro.. i believe it would work with i3s also $15

some hopper stuff
pulse- gone
riccochet- gone
50 rd pump hopper dremeled for better feeding $10
prophecy board and motor $40

pbmafia small dump pouch gone

Draxxus jersey size xl in 8.5 -9.0 shape some minor thread fray but no tears that i can see (i may decide to keep this one) $25

again prices are obo
only trades are
flex stuff (pretty colors)
shocker parts (for frankenshocker build SOG guys will know what this is.. again thanks guys)
in hydro 50/4500 tanks
oh yea i need one of those plastic elbow things for a right fed cocker.. a couple of them would be great... this isn't a trade idea i want to buy them cheap
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