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Belsales Evolution X Build

I originally created this build thread over on the Custom Cockers forum for my 2k3 Belsales Evolution X cocker...but figure'd I would post it over on a few other various forums for others to take a look if they were interested. I ended up editing the original post into a picture/brief description overview of the project. The project ran from June 2012 until May 2013 and is now officially "finished." Here goes:

How I received it (early June 2012) - Picture of exactly how I bought this Evo from a member on MCB:

Some changes (late June 2012) - Eclipse Hinge, Check-It Unimount, Dye Stickies, Belsales Beavertail, CCM No-Pro, Race SM-1 Barrel, and Macroline Kit:

Another big change (mid September 2012) - AKALMP Sidewinder, Black Belsales Evo .44mag, QEV's, LPR, Hollowpoint, and front end hose - I thought I was "finished" with it at this point:

The next chapter (early February 2013) - Deciding to go for a more original look by picking up an Angry frame, some Freak parts, and a lot of NEW original Belsales parts:

Off to Canadia (mid February 2013) - Sending a few parts to Ton6ixer's anodizing in BC, Canada to be ano matched to the body (body sent as reference only - it was not re-anodized):

Ano completed picture from Ton6ixer (mid March 2013) - Ton6ixer finished anodizing the parts ahead of schedule and shot me a picture before shipping them back:

Evo back in the states (late March 2013) - Received the parts back from anodizing in the mail and laid everything out for the build, it was then sent off to docfire (Custom Cockers) for assembly and tuning:

Back from Cali (early May 2013) - I sent this off to Garrett - aka docfire (Custom Cockers) - for full assembly and tuning and what a GREAT job he did! This is finally "finished":

List of parts used:
- Undrilled Blue Fade 2K3 Belsales Evolution-X Body #163926
- Belsales Front Block
- Belsales Back Block
- Belsales Vertical ASA
- Belsales Angry .45 Hump Back Trigger Frame with:
---- WGP Aluminum Trigger Shoe -OR- WGP Composite Trigger Shoe
---- AKALMP Trigger Plate
---- AKALMP Trigger Springs
---- Belsales Roller Sear
---- 10/32 Brass Tipped Screws
---- Dye Sticky 3 Grips
- CCM No-Pro Feedneck
- Stainless Steel Pump Arm
- Belsales Cocking Rod
- Belsales Wire Detent
- Belsales Wire Beavertail
- Belsales Evolution Delrin Bolt and Pin
- Belsales Rex Dialer Hammer Kit with Belsales Springs and Square Lug
- Belsales Evo Supercharger Valve and Spring with:
---- Stainless Valve Retaining Screw
---- Stainless Valve Jam Nut with O-Rings
- ANS Flat Face Front Block Screw
- Belsales Evo .44 Magnum Ram
- Two Belsales Swivel QEV's
- Belsales Evo LPR
- Belsales Hollowpoint 3-Way
- Stainless Actuator Rod
- Black Front End Hose
- AKALMP Medium Length Sidewinder HPR
- Black Macroline with Stainless Fittings
- Check-It Unimount

Supporting parts used:
- Full Freak Barrel Kit with:
---- 10 inserts (.675" - .695")
---- 4 matching tips (12" AA solid, 12" Tear Drop solid, 14" AA fade, & 14" Tear Drop fade)
---- 1 black second generation cocker threaded back
- Smoke HALO B Loader with:
---- v35 Board
---- The BONE battery pack
---- Speed feed
- 68ci 4500psi Ninja HPA tank with Ninja cover

Stock parts that are not being used but are being kept:
- 12" Smart Parts Progressive one-piece barrel
- Stainless Smart Parts Freak Back
- Hogue .45 frame grips
- Belsales Nickel Trigger Shoe
- Belsales Slider Trigger Plate
- Belsales Stainless Front Block Screw
- Belsales Gas-Thru Foregrip
- Belsales Non-clamping Feedneck
- Chrome Belsales LPR
- Chrome Belsales Hollowpoint 3-Way
- Chrome Belsales .44 Magnum Ram
- Blue/Silver Smart Parts Max-Flo

HUGE THANKS to all of those that made the project come together.
- Docfire Paintball (Garrett on Custom Cockers forum) - full assembly, tuning, trigger job, and all of his love on it
- Ton6ixer's Anodizing (Mitchell) - match anodizing the Angry slider, Freak tips, and a few other pieces for me
- Compulsive Paintball (John) - for always getting back to me via e-mail and for many many parts
- Belsales UK (Steve) - for shipping everything I needed over the pond
- All of the Custom Cockers forum members for their help, guidance, and parts - especially o_nothing (Dave), buzzinhi (Tom), rschoi (Rich), dbkid (Jimmy), cshank, addicted2dunes, skinnyfatguy, pbin88, sunnysideca76, and any others I might have forgotten
- My fiancÚ for not killing me through the parts-hunting process
- Last, but not least, my wallet!

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