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Pathogen Meteor Barrel Kit

I picked this kit up to put on my pumps, seemed like a great value 3 tips and 7 backs for $149.99.

Pros: Nice case
Good useable bores. (sorry cp nobody needs a .697 or .695 anymore)
3 tips and 7 backs for a pretty decent price.
comes with O rings on every thread, so no backs and fronts getting stuck

Cons: Still waiting for my 12" and 16" tips
Machine work was slightly sloppy, various tool marks around the threads.
There was a slight dragging when screwing the halves together.

Moral of the story? I'm probably never ordering from HustlePB again, as this is my second order that was not exactly complete.

As for the barrel, it gets the job done, but its nothing to really write home about.

Would I buy this kit again? probably not. I would just get your stock barrel freak bored by many of the high quality machinists here.
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