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Black Duty Belt I picked up at some Surplus store, hook Velcro inside that I have not taken advantage of yet.
Elastic butt-stock shot shell holders I stitched down to fit on the belt, recently replaced these with an elastic holder like the wristbands Agent Smith uses.
The latest holsters I stitched up from leather that was way too thick. The first holsters were thinner and patterned off AS holsters. This pair I incorporated some holders for the stock barrel plugs, I never liked them hanging around in a pocket. Space above the plugs where I clip on the AS decoder ring(not shown)
A pair of 5 mag holders I stitched up 2 years ago, at the time I could only find them for 1911 or .22 mags so I made my own. They've done alright for me, never had a mag fall out, even though the elastic i used was kinda weak. I do get a ball or two fall out of a mag, so I'll stitch up the bottoms better if I make more. I have one more made with just wide upholstery elastic on the outside that rides on a Velcro panel in the left pants cargo pocket.
Emdom dump pouch, though I think I'll make something better for the opening. I've dropped some spent 12g while belly crawling. Been riding on the front side like a sporran lately.

Redhead brand neoprene shotgun belt. Nylon belt and buckle with a neoprene panel about 2 feet long. Snip the bottom off 14 or so shell holders and tubes slide right in, leaving 6 or so spots for 12gs. Even has a zippered pouch along it's length that holds my wallet and keys out of the way.
Homemade holster I made out of some extra leather. I never liked any of the holsters I got for this pistol, they never stayed attached or never kept the pistol in place. I broke the feed on mine so it's bolted on lower, sticks up no higher than the rest of the pistol. This holster holds well, but it needs a leg tie and some stiffening on the top portion.
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