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Played an entire scenario with this system on Saturday. Not a single barrel break, and I was able to hit players from positions, where they could not return fire and hit me! It was VERY fun. (shooting 265fps, with Marbalizer, I bought a whole case, and only ended up shooting 500 rounds for the whole event, as I could easily hit what I was aiming at).

Only problem is, I got a new class 10 32 gig memory card for my ZoomCam, and it worked fine on Friday night when I filmed my daughters play performance, but on Saturday all the footage is on the card, but I can't open it... Or play it...

All 20 gigs worth... Arrgh!

Being able to shoot flat for a super long distance is so much fun, and a definite advantage. I didn't use the spin at all, as I didn't get into a position where it was needed for the game.

I almost got the general on the other team again... Video when I get time...
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