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A bit more done but a lot to go...
Alrighty now..
Received the shroud tubing for this but it is way to Big and Heavy so I have a new idea for the finish.
So far I have added to the bottom tube to extend it to the end.
Made a "double" c02 knob for easier removal.
Ported the barrel with two straight rows of ports. I doubled drilled them all to get the countersunk face.
Added a brass a/c style detent and also added wedgits to the barrel.
NOTE: that you cannot see the wedgit marks on exterior of barrel.
Also re-ported the transfer tube with .287 id tube -changed the old style valve to a cartridge type (re-ported also) and made a bolt action bolt with same air ports as above.
Had to rework the grip but I will be restaining the whole stock before I,m done.
It will be powdercoated with a fine textured black when completed also.
I have the new tube for shroud so will have it figured out and on before to long. Still need to make triggerguard, fake clip, and few other who-ha's.
Ignore the dust please..

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