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Originally Posted by DSA View Post

It is not a marker for everyone so please keep that in mind and you will be a happy camper.

Good Luck!

You know DSA, you speak the truth.You have to have a totally different mind set.

You can't be up front with all of your friends on the line of scrimmage.

You will be by yourself and no one will see that amazing shot you just made.

Even the guy you hit won't be able to share in your excitement.

If you shoot a case of paint in a game. This gun is NOT for you.

Just thinking about it,you can be on the front line with your friends and they will be so pissed getting shot out while they are laughing so hard watching you get the crap shot of you. lol

Once again,this is not a paintball gun.
This is a dedicated First Strike single shot rifle.
You will be seriously out gunned if you don't change the way you play.

Of course if you don't play you can walk around the staging area and get a lot of ohs and ahs. That's what I do.
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