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I set this one up for a teammate about a month ago. He wanted a PPS stab like I have on my Phantoms, but didn't have the cash. I suggested we try out the new CCI reg at less than half the price of a PPS, and see how it performs. We weren't able to do much testing before our last stock-class game, so it was a trial by fire. It held up well (unlike one of my PPS stabs that "stained the bed" half way through the day). Yes, the reg comes from CCI set at 750psi. Personally, I'd like to set it a little lower - around 650psi, but want to do some more testing first.

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BTW, I ordered the ASA version of the reg (there are 2 versions - 1 with an ASA threaded bottom and one with an 1/8" NPT threaded bottom). As you can see, I added a "mini expansion chamber" to the bottom of the reg, and ran a SS braided line from the chamber to the bottom line. The chamber provides an area for the liquid CO2 to expand into a gas via temp & volume, as well as acting as a foregrip when your left hand is off the pump.

Also note that the gun isn't currently running a bucket changer off the bottom line adapter as pictured. The bucket changer was just there for testing. It's now set up with a Micro CA II, which is working well with the whole set up. The only thing left to do is drill and tap the valve body for a gauge, and this gun will be all set.
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