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Originally Posted by Phantom Flanker View Post
....EDIT: what is a plug block? is it just a milled piece that you would put into the gun and then into the mini cocker va?
Exactly. The other options would need much the same thing but just suited to the option chosen.

I was looking at the bottle line adpaters again and I'm now thinking that they are too thin. The side hole is drilled through quite close to the inner opening and by the time I machine it down and try to make an Oring groove there'd be nothing at all left. Same with trying to mill down a typical spyder vertical adapter I'm afraid. So it's either custom all the way or use the Piranha vertical adapter you see on the body in picture 4 or mill out a cove along the top mating point of an autococker VA.

Another source for a block that has the ASA threading in it may be some of the bottom line on-off ASA's. I'll have to look at the ones I've got.
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