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From the CCI Regulator manual...

The regulator is pre‐set to 750 psi with a 6 disc stack. Normally you would not change the orientation position of the discs as shown.

Changing a disc from a series to parallel position increase output. If you flip the 1st and last disc the regulator will output
60 more psi (30 psi per disc orientation change) however the input from the source must be greater than 800 + psi.

Removing a disc will decrease pressure. For example if you remove the 1st or last disc the pressure will drop 300 psi which is not in the operating range of either the Phantom or Phantom Revolution marker.

1. Upper regular body #1060
2. O‐ring (1‐014) #1066
3. Regulator piston #1065
4. Disc spring #1061
5. Retainer seat #1062
6. O‐ring (1‐007) #1063
7. Base seal (factory sealed) #1064
8. Set screw 8‐32 #1091
9. Lower regulator body 1/8 FPT #1069
10. Lower regulator body ASA #1067
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