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Got a line of people on the eNMEy, contacting you guys as you PM'd me.

Originally Posted by RedRumLive999 View Post
That first vert cocker is an aim I believe.

Nice sfl's! But why even bother listing the second with that tag? I can get a mag esfl for that price.
Correct on the AIM body.

Originally Posted by Bloop View Post
Out of curiosity, what make the SFL autococker so expensive? Personal value? I'm not an expert on autococker pricing but as the other poster implied, I don't see why its so highly priced.
Originally Posted by Washington reign View Post
Limited run of those were done, the price is what he feels it's worth
True on the price but I'm not playing for a while so I'm testing to see just incase someone is crazy enough to want it that bad. It's worth that much to me to sell and it's a sought after limited gun. There's a price on everything, even though it may be unreasonable. Some people are just unreasonable enough to buy for that amount though.

It's mostly about laying it out on the table and seeing if someone is desperate enough to take it. Would prefer to keep but that's the price that I'd let it go for. It's not a serious to sell item. I know what the value of the gun is worth and then there's what it's worth for me to let it go.
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