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Huge Box of 10 Round Tubes and Caps

-I will not ship first. I will ship once I receive payment, or if there is a trade I will ship after I get your package.
-Prices do not include shipping as it varies based on package size and destination.
-PayPal is the only method of payment I will accept. I will pay the fees as that is the price of doing business.
-Everything leaves my hands in working order or as described, if we trade so should yours.
-What you see is what you get. Ask questions if you have them, I cannot read your mind.
-Post in this thread and PM me with what you want, and your offer for it, do not ever ask what my lowest is.

I have a ton of 10 round tubes and caps that I don't need and they are just taking up room, so I'm looking to get rid of them.
There are 100 tubes and 125 caps. None of the tubes or caps are broken, but they have been played with.


-$40 shipped OBO.

Trades I'm interested in:
-(45,48,50)/4500 tank
-NT/DM UL Grips

Check out the other miscellaneous parts I'm selling and I can make a deal on multiple items!

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