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Originally Posted by hipboyscott View Post
We'll have some loading videos up soon I believe. Loading is pretty much: retract follower until it clicks using the loading rod (it comes with a specific loading rod which is a perfect fit for the follower and magazine), insert paint into first tube until full. You may optionally depress the detent with one hand to pour paint, but manually thumbing in the balls one at a time will automatically bypass the detent if you push them from the front. The last ball will rest comfortably under the detent under almost no spring load. You can force an 11th ball in, but I would only do that for a mag you are about to load for a 10+1.

Once the first tube is loaded repeat with the other side. Not too different from other paint mags all told
Haha, I get it now... Scott from Zetamag is THAT Scott. I remember you from the heyday of the MSEP forums and some of your other mods. Great to see you link up with someone with manufacturing capability to get things out en-masse.
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