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Empire Customer Service.

Well about 3 weeks ago I was playing with my Empire Sniper when I chopped a ball while auto triggering. So I went to pull the bolt so I could clean the breach out, I somehow ended up pulling just the bolt pin out. And to my surprise a ball bearing shot out and bounced off my mask . Course trying to find the Fing thing in the middle of a game was imposable.

SOOO I decided to go play this coming weekend. . . and on Monday while on my lunch brake I called Empire's customer service (which I was dreading ) to see if I could order a new one and what it would cost me. Well it didn't cost me a DARN thing, notta, zip, zero, nothin they shipped it to me completely free. And on top of that I had it the very next day. Granted I live in a neighboring state. But Man oh Man are they on the ball over there at KEE Action Sports.

So in short I want to give Empire (KEE Sports) a well deserved pat on the back.

Thank You KEE Action Sports,

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