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Silly Daddy! Minecraft's for kids! (Advice needed)

My son is 8 and it seems he and his friends are enthralled by Minecraft. My son just plays on his iPod, but I know his friends have the full version and play on their computers I guess.
Now, as much as my wife and I loathe the fact that our kids (my daughter plays too, but she is nowhere near as engrossed) spend so much time playing with these infernal machines (ipods and computers) I must admit we think Minecraft has been a great creative outlet for them. I have been especially impressed with the things my son has built (ships at sea. Airports with planes, Movie theatres,houses, etc.)

My son has been bugging me for the full PC (Mac) version and wants to play multiplayer with his friends. Now I am concerned with him going on to public servers and such, but a quick youtube search seems to show that it wouldn't be too difficult to set up a whitelisted server on our home machine that he and a couple of friends could play on (if my machine tolerates it.) It looks to me like the game costs about $27 and you can download the server too.

So, I have never set up any kind of server before. Is there anything I should be aware of about setting this up and having it be a fairly safe environment for my son and his friends to play together? Any pitfalls or shortcomings I should watch out for?

Any experience or advice would be appreciated.
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