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I'm 15 and I bought the pc version when I was 12 or 13. In my experience most of the multiplayer servers you go on will have varying degrees of profanity. Some will ban you for the slightest amount of cursing, ect., some have swear filters implemented, and other servers have simply no restrictions on cursing and hostile behaviour. If you buy your son this, he wil most likely start playing multiplayer and he might discover servers that can prove to be a bad influence.... My friends little brother was allowed to play call of duty, ect. when he was in kindergarten, and he's in grade 2 and already knows MANY profanities.

Tl;Dr Yes minecraft is a great outlet but some of the online community may swear, use racism and be hostile towards him which would obviously be a bad influence. I'm guessing if he starts playing with his friends he'll eventually move onto other servers. Overall minecraft is a great outlet and I've had many positive experiences from it.
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