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We keep our PC's in the family room and generally monitor the kids time using them. I like to think we can spot if he is on an open server fairly quickly, but it could happen. I am still more interested in trying to set up a whitelist server for him and his friends and I'm wondering if it is not as easy as it looks, or if there are any pitfalls like opening myself up for some pretty severe hacking?

I have seen that we would need to keep his friends posted with our up to date public IP unless we yse a DNS server, but I'm not sure how secure a free DNS server is and I really don't want to pay for one. Maybe having an IP chance once in a while isn't a bad thing.

I have no idea what creating a server on our machine might open us up to.

Thanks for the words of caution though.

Bow, I'll shoot Looper a message. Thanks!
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