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Thumbs down build.

10 months ago sent 100.00 deposit and a 2000 rt feed with benchmark frame. Ask to be 1/2 blocked,dual pump arm and some cool milling..After 7 months contacted him and he said he had not even started.PMed back and asked for just the 1/2 block and pump kit and round off the body a bit..No return responce to that PM...9 months and no word..PMed, I asked to my marker to be returned and to use part of the 100.00 to cover shipping since at this point i no longer needed the build or the reason for the build , i received a PM back that he would try and ship the marker out and try to dig up the balance owed from the 100.00.. I replyed that i would be good if he just did the work and give me a time line (since he did not have the money to ruturn to me) when the work would be done..No answer to PM, no marker returned, no refund...I will say in his defence is that i said i was in no hurry at the time i sent the marker and deposit..I had no idea that would mean after 7months it would not even be started and have to deal with piss poor Communication ..10 months and nothing...

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