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Actually, when you removed the bolt, but the sled was still attached to the pump rod, it would kick up and to the left (if your facing the rear of the gun. When you held the sled in place, you could feel a lip between the sled and the upper tube. This is the area I sanded. When you re-installed the bolt, it would hang about a 1/16th of an inch not full closing, so I sanded the bolt down a little and re-installed it thus the bolt now goes into the upper tube completely with no gap. My buddy said cocker pumps are trial and error so I am finally getting this bad boy dialed in where I want it. I am hoping when I switch to the medium spring that the pump will slide even smoother yet stay in the 270 area. I am a 14" CP Classic barrel away from finishing this little beast, lol.

BTW, this is the before pic -

The After pic -

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