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Originally Posted by cobyrne View Post
I just use an unmodified screwdriver - rather than levering the flat bit against the pin and turning the handle, put one side of the screwdriver tip into a notch and the other side of the tip against the inside wall of the pierce pin and 'push' the notch around in a clockwise direction. Works fine and you can use nearly any sized flat head screwdriver.
"I just use an unmodified screwdriver", that's what I did and I still had Co2 leaking out of my "bucket". With that being said; I tried to use the Phantom bucket on the Sterling adapter but the threads aren't deep enough in the bucket to put the cartridge high enough to even puncture it. I tried the Sterling Bucket on the Phantom adapter and the threads are too deep on the bucket for the cartridge to be secure but high enough to puncture it, so it leaks real bad.

All is good though, my Phantom quick changer works just fine and I'll be out using it today to prove it.

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