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Wait, what?
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...and the reason you didn't use the Ego to rain gelatinous death upon those that opposed you was...?

Went with PBMafia to try out arm rigs. Total for two and a dump pouch (needed one anyway) was less than one gauntlet so it's a lesser risk if I don't like playing this way. Besides, I can always upgrade to the gauntlet(s) later.

Also, first time on MCB that I got a marker that wasn't as advertised. The new Viking isn't blind - it's been blinded. Both eye wires have been crushed by the frame and don't read. On the upside, the seller's working with me to get it fixed and new eyes are all of $21 from AKALMP.

The harder part is going to be removing the eye cover screws since they use a tiny allen key and most of them appear to be rounded out. I was going to hold my breath and slot them with a Dremel to use a flat-head screwdriver; anyone have any better ideas?
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I found a way to make a sabot for a twinkie. The other tanks smell like banana cream filling now.
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