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You misunderstand me, sir, if I had $10mil I wouldn't buy all of that stuff - definitely no mansion, definitely wouldn't pay for my daughter's college at a $100,000 (even in 14+ years, there will be cheaper options that still generate a diploma), wouldn't buy most of those cars (okay, maybe a GT-R for a "fun" car, but even with $10mil in the bank, I'd still have the slightly used beaters I've always favored for daily drivers), definitely no yachts (not fond of sailing), no country club membership (hate golf), and no maid or cook. No, it was a study I'd done for myself of what someone who would "suffer" under a government enforced annual salary cap of $10mil.

But if I had $10mil in total net worth (investments + property - debts), I'd retire from my daily job. Even now, though, I'm always on the lookout for jobs that would fill the hours after I retire. Like the guy at the major airports who drives from the rental agency to all of the terminals and back again, for 8 hours a day - meet new people all the time, don't have a lot of stress, and no real brain activity. Perfect for a retirement job.
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