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Originally Posted by JLuke View Post
Awesome, that's what I was hoping. Most likely would just buy them both at the same time. I'm assuming everything would be raw?

I'm to the point where the Field that I got to is getting stale, the good players are either too far away to play regularly and the good ones that do play just play kinda lazily against walkons, I need a "lazy" gun lol, I figure this thing should have that intimidation factor, speciall if I do a full size one with a cram and jam.

Also just curious, how "rough" is your raw finish? I have a friend that does annodizing here and there, but I hate to send him the gun if it needs a lot of polishing, if that's the case I would end up sending it elsewhere to be annoed.
Its a machined finish, or beadblasted. if you want gloss you had better get it professionally polished. i just dont have the skill or set up for it.

Still havent found anyone local that can electro polish
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