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Arrow Karni Pump Questions & Appraisal

I am new to cocker pumps, this is my second one which I bought used. I've always loved the milling work to the Karni's body so when a trade deal came my way I had to jump on it. If anyone can tell me what exactly is on this i'd appreciate it.

I was told it has the following, but i would like to know for sure.

Mini'd Karni Body
Dye Slider Frame
CCM Pump Kit
Shocktech Bolt

I can see that it has a CP ASA and a Shocktech Reg.

I'll take some better pics tomorrow this is the only one I have at the moment.

The other thing is, if I were get all ccm parts, would it shoot as good as a T2. I shot one of those at a scenario and I fell in love with it immediately so i'm torn between upgrading this and just getting a CCM T2.

A realistic resale value minus the DW Barrel and Tank, the previous seller had it listed at 500 but i feel like that was high.
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