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Originally Posted by hoov7888 View Post
Its got the pin and hole drilled in it. I think I just had the screw to the a/t too tight. Works now, going to play a tournament with it Sunday.....fingers crossed(not about winning, just hoping my gun shoots good!)
There was a series of attempts to stop the cam from shifting or moving. One of those attempts prior to the pin was the use of a spring with a ball-bearing. The spring sat in the hole in the frame but the hole did not go all the way through.

Wonder if the hole that you are seeing is 1) filled with a long pin or 2) giving the illusion that there is a hole but is really for a spring and ball bearing.

How old is the marker?

You are probably best to call Rod of CCM. There are different cams as well for different frames. I've come across second hand markers with the wrong cam. If it is the wrong cam for the trigger frame then as EXTRABONEZ said, the pin will not go through the frame.

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