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Autococker Pumps (STO, Black Magic), ProStar Kodiac, PGP's, 98 Evolution, Custom RF

Hey guys,

I have these nice pump markers that could use a good home. All prices are OBO but I'm in no rush to sell. Mostly looking to trade for electropneumatic markers like 2006-2010 Bob Long's, Dye's, Planet Eclipse, etc.

Remember, all prices are OBO, make an offer, the worst I can do is say no thank you.

I'm only posting one picture of each marker. For more pictures of everything go to my photo bucket library

Copper to Silver Fade Orracle w/ Hitman mod, Angel LCD Reg, Syndicate Hinge Frame, Matching Kaner Barrel, Delrin Bolt - Milled for Eye

Gloss Blue Black Magic w/ CP Reg. $275

Black STO w/ New Red Shocktech Reg, Dye Ultralite, Delrin Bolt $300 - Updated Pics Coming Soon

Flue to Purple Fade STO w/ CP Reg, Delrin Bolt $300

Green 2k+ Vert Feed w/ Dye Boomstick - SOLD
Black 2K+ Vert feed - $150

Pro Star Kodiak w/ quick changer- Super rare, check vintagerex. Body has been polished to show brass. Missing rear quick strip screw. Definitely autococker threaded, includes stock barrel and 14 inch 1 piece old school All American. New delrin cup seal, new valve spring. Pump handle has electrical tape on it. Marker is 100% functional, shot a reball at 289fps. $250.

98 Belsales Evolution - Blown LPR, I can't seem to get it to not gush air. Everything original except for barrel, once piece old school All American. SOLD
Custom RF Pre-2k Minicocker body in gloss blue. Ans Front block, back block, bolt, rva, I didnt want to touch the valve because it doesn't leak, probably ANS. $175

PGP's - All Functional

#1 - $70

#2 - $170 - Quick change knob, quick pull bolt (Copper-T i think), rear velocity adjuster and Battle Grips.

#3 - $100

#4 - $100

#5 - $130. Polished, Drilled feed tube, feed plug on chain, rear velocity adjuster.
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StraightPaint - Contact me if you need Autococker/Automag/Angel/Pump parts

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