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Automag Barrels

Got together all my barrels that I've acquired and have no idea what some of them are. Help?

1) Taso Power Barrel
2) RT/Emag barrel
3) Taso Stone Cold II (1/3)
4) Smart Parts Big Daddy barrel, it just has an AA tip on it.
5) Dye Ultralight 2 Peice
6) Dye Stainless
7) Minimag
8) Minimag
9) Minimag (2012)
10) AGD Crown Point barrel
11) Taso Stone Cold II
12) Taso Eliminator

*3 had the threads removed to make a super stubby.
*6 is made completely of steel and is super heavy. The beating stick.
*10 had the tip cut off as the 4 ports seemed to shred paintballs. They were sharp and triangle shaped, also stayed the same width of the barrel entire way.

Thanks for everyone who helped figure out what I have!

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