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If I wanted to "retire" five years down the road I'd need about $7.25 million total to cover the following 65 years.
  • It's about $40,000 for cost of living in the Cumberland County area of Maine for a two person household currently
  • Average inflation rate from 2000 to 2012 was 2.5%

So I figured that in five years it'll cost about $45,000 for cost of living. Using that as a base and 2.5% inflation I get an equation of f(x)=45000*1.025^x

Now I know that's probably pretty horribly simplified, but it's close enough for me right now. Anyways, finding the area under the graph for that equation from the initial year to year 65 gives me $7,249,460.60.

So, I'd need about $7.25 million dollars to cover me and another person from when I'm 24 until I'm 89.
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