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Originally Posted by AustinNH View Post
What about sighting down the barrel with no sight at all? It seems that this is how most open-class pumpers aim. Will and undercocking kit significantly help with this? Anyone have first-hand experience of UC kit helping their aim?
The UC rigs seem to help with the "follow-up" shot. The gun doesn't drift off of the target as much as it does with the wrap-around pump handle.
If you've played with Sheridan types of guns, PGP's, PMI's, Snipers and the like, the transition to a Phantom might throw you off some.

The "All Americans" played with Snipers for years. They learned the hard way that there was a noticeable disadvantage with this type of gun, the efficiency while running 12 grams wasn't there. 20 shots max. No "auto-trigger" unless you had the ad-hoc lever system, and a longer lock time.
When they decided to go with a Nelson valve design they noticed a difficulty in the transition. The "muscle memory" of running Snipers for years was difficult to unlearn. So, they came up with "The Boss", which had an undercocking design, with all the ergonomics of a Sniper, but with a Nelson valve train. This was the smartest thing that Smart Parts ever came up with.
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